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ZR 10/15/20
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ZR 10/15/20


ZEPRO’s folding lift range ZR has been designed to provide a simple, lightweight solution to those wishing to have the flexibility offered by continuous access to the rear doors, but having the availability of a tail lift when required. The lift requires a minimum of overhang and can therefore often be installed where a standard lift would also fit. There is a single, centrally mounted lifting cylinder and a mechanical automatic ground tilt system. The hydraulic circuit could therefore hardly be more simple allowing for a very simple troubleshooting process. Lifting capacities of 1000kg and 1500kg can be offered for these models.

The folding platforms can be ordered in various lengths and widths. Both parts fold over on top of the lifting arm and hence do not take up any overhang. Both parts of the folding platform are made of aluminium and we can also supply the first part in steel with the second part in aluminium as a more robust alternative. This gives low weight and makes the manual folding operation less demanding from and to the stowed position. A roll-arm is conveniently attached to the support frame and this supports the platform during the lowering motion of the lift arm. The platform pivots up towards a vertical position allowing far easier folding out than would otherwise be the case. This roll arm is adjustable to permit optimal positioning of the platform for the truck geometry in question so that the fold out process is as undemanding as possible.

Standard widths are 2200mm and 2350mm. The load centre on the platform is 600 mm.

The ZR is available with 1 arm length allowing lifting heights up to 1360mm.

These models share ZEPRO’s renowned reliability due to very low frequency of component failure.

There are a great many accessories which are compatible with this model. Many of these can either be installed at the factory or after the lift is already in service. Read more in the accessories section.

As with other ZEPRO models, if 5 units or more are ordered you may choose special painting in the RAL colour of your choice. In the case of this model the platform and the main frame components which are the most visible are painted in the special colour.

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