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ZCT 200/250


ZEPRO’s model ZCT has been specifically designed for link trailers and is a column lift. The work is done by a cylinder positioned in the top housing which pulls wire cables to provide the lifting force for the platform. The tilting cylinders are connected under the platform in order to avoid their encroaching on the work area and limiting freedom of movement on the platform surface. Lifting capacity is 2000kg and 2500kg.

The platforms are available in steel only and can be supplied in lengths from 1700mm up to 2000mm. The width depends on the width of the body, see below. The load centre is at 750mm for the 2000kg model and 600mm for the 2500kg version. The lift is offered in heights of 3025 mm, 3055 mm, 3085 mm, 3115 mm and 3145 mm. The choice of widths is 2540mm or 2590mm, for body widths of 2550mm and 2600mm respectively.

This lift is also available in a version which sees the tilt cylinders on the top side of the platform. This model is called the ZC and is suitable for installation on containers

There are however a great many accessories which are compatible with this model. Many of these can either be installed at the factory or after the lift is already in service. Read more in the accessories section.

As with other ZEPRO models, if 5 units or more are ordered you may choose special painting in the RAL colour of your choice. In the case of this model the platform and the main frame components which are the most visible are painted in the special colour.

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