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Quality policy

Zepro’s quality policy has been determined by the management and is adapted to the purpose of the organization.

Business concept

  • Zepro will supply distribution vehicles with tail lifts and accessories

  • Provide the market with spare parts and support throughout the life cycle of the products

The customer

Our aim and ambition, through the complete process, is to satisfy the demands, needs and expectations of our customers.

The quality of the products and the service shall be a leading motive for choosing Zepro.

Constant improvements

Our products and processes shall regularly be reviewed and evaluated in order to be improved.
The goals shall be clear and explained within the organization lead up to the fulfilling of customer needs and demands.
The management shall provide the resources and means needed to achieve the goals and to make constant improvements.
The management shall ensure that the personnel have the competence needed to achieve the goals and to make constant improvements.

The emplyoee

Everyone shall show a positive attitude and determination that promotes good quality and service for the customers.
The workplace shall be disciplined and organized.
Established routines and instructions shall be followed.
If an error should be discovered, when it comes to both products and appliances, it must immediately be attended to and corrected.