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Zepro nr. 1, 1970

In the end of the 1940:s John Westling founded the company Bispgårdens Smidesverkstad, which became Bispgårdens Svets & Smide. In 1952 Knut Nilsson started working for him, and in 1958 he bought the company together with three other employees. The company mainly produced components for use in the forestry industry.

The expansion phase started in the beginning of the 1970:s when the development of a new product type – Zepro tail lifts - took off. The interest grew for a hydraulic tail lift for transport vehicles, used to bridge the gap between the vehicle floor and the loading dock.

The company Skogsbruksmaskiner in Katrineholm marketed and sold this product in many new markets. In 1975 Skogsbruksmaskiner bought a major part of the shares in Bispgårdens Svets & Smide AB, and the company changed names to Z-Lyften Produktion AB. The head office was placed in Katrineholm whereas production and development remained in Bispgården. The period 1975-1995 is characterized by a very rapid expansion which led to that the company now is represented by subsidiaries or sales agents in more than 40 countries worldwide.

In 1998 Z-Lyften was sold to ZETECO, which was bought by Finnish Partek in 2000. In 2002 Partek was sold to KONE, also a Finnish company, which in 2005 was split into KONE and Cargotec. Z-Lyften Produktion AB is now a part of Cargotec.