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The base of our environmental work is knowledge

  • Knowledge about how we effect the environment

  • Knowledge about the laws and rules we must obey

  • Knowledge about social and technical development in the society

Our work with reducing the effect on the environment shall:

  • Be carried out with consideration of the interaction between the work environment and the outer environment

  • Strive to identify risks beforehand

  • Be based on regular and long-term consequence estimations

  • Focus on preventing illness and negative effect on the environment

  • At least live up to legal and regulatory requirements as well as internally determined requirements and goals

  • Continuously strive towards improvments, both in comparison with our own business and with the social and technical development in society

  • Contribute to that the company and its products are associated with a responsibility for the environment

  • Motivate the personnel to continuously strive towards improvments

All information shall be presented in a way that can be understood by everyone and is accessible to the public

Design and development

The aim fo the design and development of Zepro's products is to choose material and components that effect the environment to a minimum. The various present and upcoming demands on substances in chemicals and materials in different countries must also be considered.

Manufacturing and production

The basis of Zepro's manufacturing and production is to choose processes and methods that impact as little as possible to the environment.


Zepro will continuously strive towards making recycling easier. The compleate life cycle of all products and components must allways be considered. We have methods to recycle metal scrap, wood, cardboard, paper and plastic.