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Service kits

ZEPRO have developed a service kit containing a collection of critical components which are most frequently required to ensure trouble free use. Based upon our long experience of decades of discussions with our customers we have included components such as solenoids and hoses as well as wear parts and safety related components.

The service kit also includes a document to provide further information on which points should be focussed on during routine service visits to the workshop.

Four separate kits available are available for the following models:

  • Z, ZU 45/75-90/110  
  • Z,ZL,ZS-150/200/250   
  • BZ 15-130  
  • BZ 15-149, BZ 20-152 


Hose kits

We recommend that cylinder hoses are replaced every 3 years due to their positioning and exposure to the elements and wear.

There are hose kits available with the complete set of hoses for the majority of ZEPRO lift models.